Privacy Policy


We use the personal information that we collect from our Service users exclusively for our internal purpose. As per our Privacy Policy we never sell the personal information or share it with others for a price. The purpose of sharing the personal information with third parties will be done exactly as mentioned in the Privacy Policy. If and when we share the personal information in spite of the privacy policy it will be with clear consent of the individual concerned. We collect personal information including name, address, mobile phone number, email address and more. The amount of information that a Service user provides is according to his/her discretion. However, according to our Privacy Policy, those who give less details may not be able to access all the features of our website. We never compromise with the privacy of personal details that we collect from our Service users. According to our Privacy Policy, when a visitor to our website provides his/her personal information, it is taken for granted that he/she had given us the permission to use the information to improve the quality of our service.

Collection of email address                                                                                    

Our website allows the visitor to send us email. This will enable us to collect the email address of the visitor. We use the email address to send reply to the queries from the visitor. Since communication through email is not encrypted, we suggest our visitors not to send highly sensitive data like credit/debit card numbers, details of bank account and Social Security numbers. When we require above type of sensitive information, we get it through a separate web page which is 100% secure and also encrypted. We delete all electronic message that we receive from visitors as soon as its purpose is served.

Use of third party websites and social media plug-ins

With the help of third-party websites we facilitate interaction with the Service-users. We also develop our community on social media. Using third-party services we determine number of people who visited our website. Also, we use them to make the website more useful to the visitors. We never use the third-party websites to collect personal information from those who visit our website. If the third-party websites collect any personal information from the visitors, those information will not be stored in our website and also our website will not transmit those information. In case the visitors to our website share the ‘log in’ information or any sensitive personal information with the third-party websites, our website will not have access to such information and also our website will have no control over such information. A third-party website will be having its own privacy policy which will be different from our Privacy Policy. We will have no control or access to such information.

Use of Cookies

Our website uses Cookies in order to provide customized service to our Service users. We share in the cookies information with the website which has provided the same. No other website can request for  that information. We collect such information using third-party analytics services like Google Analytics. We use cookies to collect information such as the domain from which the visitor accessed our website, IP address of visitor’s computer, date and time of access by the visitor, the OS of the visitor’s computer, browser used by the visitor, URLs of the pages visited by the user on our website, visitor’s user name and URL of the website from which the visitor came in case he/she accessed our website by clicking a link. We will share the information only internally and also with third-party websites when needed. The information will be used to ensure a better experience to the visitors. We retain data logs only for temporary period after which we delete them.